A ‘Testing’ week

Last week was a very tentative training week. After injuring my back, I wanted to come back quickly so that I didn’t lose too much fitness, but I didn’t want to push it too soon and make the injury worse! So after the initial 5 mile test run(mentioned in my last post) which started slowly and built nicely, I have got stronger and more confident with each run. I’ve still kept the runs short, as my glutes have been quite tight, but I’ve started pushing the pace a little quicker with a couple of the later runs completed in negative splits, finishing under a 7 min mile. The bonus is, I’ve not felt my back at all which is good news. It means I can push the mileage more next week and hopefully build up for one more 20 miler before the taper for the marathon.

Since the last 5 miler, I’ve run three more 5 milers, two of which were in negative splits. The first one on Thursday 15th March started with a very steady pace and as I got more comfortable, my pace increased enough that I felt I could kick for home on the last mile. I finished with a 6:48 minute mile and completed the 5 miles in 36:32. I felt strong in the last mile and I was very happy with how it went again.

The next run on Saturday 17th March was even better. This time, staying in London with family, I dropped my car off to a friend for it’s M.O.T and ran back to my mums house(the long, scenic route!) on a mild day with light rain coming down; the perfect conditions for a run. I didn’t plan on running quickly, in fact it was supposed to be a relaxed run whilst my car was being sorted out, but I felt good and after a steady first half a mile, I decided to speed up. After a 7:07 first mile, I got quicker and quicker each mile finishing with a 6:30 last mile and another 5 miles with negative splits in a time of 33:47. Again I felt strong and this time I had no problems with my glutes or my back. That means it’s time to step up the mileage this week after one last shorter relaxed run on the Sunday, to see the week out.

On Sunday 18th March I got up early again for another 5 miler and this time it was all about enjoyment. No real pace, no test, just a relaxed run to keep the momentum going from the end of one week into the start of the next. It was also a beautiful sunny morning which always helps and the streets were very quiet and peaceful, just a few men with their dogs in the park. It was just as enjoyable as I’d hoped so I finished the week with another 5 miler; four runs in total and 20 miles this week. Picking the mileage back up slowly!!!

So, it’s now Tuesday 20th March and I plan on going for a 10 mile run this afternoon, which will be my first 10 miler for a while. Hopefully it goes smoothly! Before I finish up, I need to thank Robinson at Once and Future Runner, because he put on a competition for a Road ID give away and although I didn’t win it, it was exactly what I need, so I have since gone and bought one for myself. I think they are very useful if you run or cycle a lot and have no mobile phone or details of who you are on you, and they actually look pretty good so can be worn all the time if you wanted to. My Road ID arrived yesterday, so I took a picture of it to post on here. After taking the picture I also noticed my resting heart rate on my garmin and although I know I’m fit as I have to be for my job and I have a very healthy heart rate, I was pleasantly surprised with how low it is. At 53 beats per minute, my heart has to work a lot less to provide my body with the oxygen it needs. It’s nice to know all the hard work pays off  🙂

Anyway, after a ‘Testing’ week, it’s time to continue that hard work and make sure it pays off for me in the London marathon in just under 5 weeks now! Thanks for reading my blog again and I’ll leave you with a thought…..

Do you run alone without any identification on you? If so, what if something were to happen, like an accident, and someone needed contact details to call your family? How would they contact your loved ones? Think about it; maybe a Road ID is a good idea for you too!


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